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冯珊珊连续23周蝉联世界第一;WME巨石强森新片内地票房破4亿 2018-04-1717:29来源:WMEIMG高尔夫/UFC 原标题:冯珊珊连续23周蝉联世界第一;WME巨石强森新片内地票房破4亿2018年4月17日第四十六期高尔夫在上周六结束的美国LPGA夏威夷锦标赛中,IMG高尔夫客户加


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2018年4月17日 第四十六期

高尔夫 在上周六结束的美国 LPGA 夏威夷锦标赛中,IMG 高尔夫客户加拿大选手布鲁克·亨德森以4杆的优势加冕。韩国名将朴仁妃与 IMG 高尔夫客户中国一姐冯珊珊、泰国名将阿瑞雅并列第三。至此,冯珊珊已霸气蝉联世界第一宝座长达23周。

Golf Win On Saturday, IMG golf client Brooke Henderson dominated difficult wind conditions at Ko Olina Golf Club in Honolulu to take the LOTTE Championship at 12-under-par 276. Inbee Park and two more IMG clients Ariya Jutanugarn and Shanshan Feng tied for third. Shanshan, China’s top female professional golfer, now has maintained her World No. 1 position for the 23 weeks and counting.

别克青少年4月9日,2018别克中国青少年高尔夫精英赛暨别克-冯珊珊青少年精英赛-广州站在南沙高尔夫球会圆满落幕,共决出了10个组别的冠军。其中,首次参赛的蔡丹琳摘得女子 A 组桂冠,直接获得了2019别克-冯珊珊 AJGA 邀请赛外卡;2018别克中国青少年高尔夫精英赛下一站将于4月26日-4月28日在深圳以比洞赛的形式举行,报名已火热开启,欲了解更多信息,请关注别克青少年公众号。

Buick Junior The Buick China Junior Golf Classic 2018 and Buick Shanshan Feng Girls Invitational wrapped at Guangzhou Nansha Golf Club on April 9. Ten junior players were named the champions of 10 age groups, including Cai Danlin (champion of Girls Group A),who automatically won the qualification for the AJGA Buick Shanshan Feng Girls Invitational 2019. The event’s next station will be held in Huizhou with match-play. Follow WeChat account #buickjunior# for entry information.

电影 WME 影星巨石强森和娜奥米·哈里斯共同主演的动作科幻类电影《狂暴巨兽》在国内市场高歌猛进,上映至今已斩获4.02亿人民币票房。与此同时,由 WME 客户丽娜·维特、莱蒂希娅·赖特、泰伊·谢里丹主演的科幻冒险类大片《头号玩家》大陆票房已超过12亿人民币。

FilmWME superstar Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris's action-adventure ‘Rampage’ is off to a strong start in China following its debut on April 13, generating a box office of 402 million RMB. Meanwhile, the action fantasy film ‘Ready Player One,’ starring WME clients Lena Waithe, Letitia Wright and Tye Sheridan, has generated a box office of 1.2 billion RMB in mainland China.

The Color Run The Hangzhou Jianggan stop on 2018’s The Color Run™ Hero Tour will start on April 21 at Jianggan Sports Center. The tickets of Hangzhou Jianggan Stop are sold out, meanwhile, the registrationfor Chengdu Xingu stop (May 5), Beijing stop (June 9) and Shenyang stop (June 30) are still ongoing through the event’s official website (). Please follow our WeChat account #TheColorRunChina# for entry inquiries.

UFC UFC 为庆祝品牌25周年纪念并感谢忠实粉丝,宣布发起了“Faces of UFC”活动。从4月19日到9月29日,美国、加拿大、墨西哥、爱尔兰和英国18岁以上的粉丝可以分享他们独特的 UFC 故事,参与者有机会抽奖赢取25张在11月的 UFC 25周年纪念活动门票,幸运儿将于10月1日正式宣布。

UFC UFC announced the launch of "Faces of UFC," a campaign to celebrate the brand's passionate fans in honor of its 25th anniversary this year. The campaign will feature a sweepstakes in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ireland and the United Kingdom for fans over 18 who want to share their personal UFC fan stories. Winners of the sweepstakes, which begins on April 19 and ends on September 29,will be announced on October 1, with 25 fans getting a trip to the UFC 25th Anniversary event in November.

2018美国大师赛 在高尔夫最大的年度盛事之一,奥古斯塔高尔夫球俱乐部举行的美国名人赛中,我们为球员、艺人以及合作伙伴和品牌带来了顶级的感官体验。我们的企业活动和高尔夫活动团队借助我们的 IMG House 进行了一系列款待活动,包括 NCAA 观赛派对、决斗钢琴、烧烤等。

The MastersAt one of golf's biggest annual events, The Masters in Augusta, Georgia, we brought to life a premium hospitality experience for players, talent, partners and brands. Our corporate events and golf events teams ran a range of programming out of our branded IMG House, including an NCAA Watch Party, dueling pianos, barbecue and more.

雇员荣誉Endeavor 全球市场部的 Kary Brock 和 WME 的 Josh Pyatt 提名《体育商业期刊:40位40岁以下成功体育商业人士》名单。同时,WME 的 Claudia Ballard 入选《Variety》的2018纽约女性影响力报告,一同入选的还有我们的客户 Mika Brzezinski、Amy Emmerich、Tina Fey、Jennifer Fox、Alicia Keys、Padma Lakshmi、Nathan Lyonne、Kate Mckinnon、Soledad O'brien、Dee Rees、Joy-Ann Reid、Krysten Ritter 和 Robin Thede。

Employee Recognition Endeavor Global Marketing's Kary Brock and WME's Josh Pyatt were named to SportsBusiness Journal's Forty Under 40 list and will be recognized at the annual awards ceremony on April 18. Claudia Ballard was also named to Variety's 2018 New York Women's Impact Report, joined by WME clients Mika Brzezinski, Amy Emmerich, Tina Fey, Jennifer Fox, Alicia Keys, Padma Lakshmi, Natasha Lyonne, Kate Mckinnon, Soledad O'brien, Dee Rees, Joy-Ann Reid, Krysten Ritter and Robin Thede.

奥利弗戏剧奖 在2018年奥利弗戏剧奖颁奖典礼上,客户林-曼努尔·米兰达、安迪·布兰肯布勒和詹姆斯·格雷厄姆分别获得音乐杰出成就、最佳剧院编舞和最佳新喜剧类别大奖。

Olivier Awards At the 2018 Olivier Awards Lin-Manuel MirandaI, Andy Blankenbuehler and James Graham took home wins in the categories of Outstanding Achievement in Music, Best Theatre Choreographer and Best New Comedy, respectively.


关于 Endeavor

Endeavor 集团(原 WME | IMG)在全球30多个国家和地区经营娱乐、体育及时尚业务,为全球业界领导者,是《财富》杂志世界最重要25家私人企业之一。Endeavor 旗下拥有众多在各自领域领先的子公司,包括 WME、IMG 和 UFC 等。Endeavor 的专长包括运动员代理和管理;品牌营销、赞助招商和品牌授权;版权销售;赛事运营和管理,以及体育培训和体育联盟开发。

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WME | IMG 巍美是 Endeavor 集团(原 WME | IMG)的子公司,Endeavor 在全球30余个国家经营娱乐、体育及时尚业务,为全球业界领导者。WME | IMG 巍美得到了红杉资本、腾讯、分众传媒以及方源资本的共同投资,以公司在中国过去数十年的耕耘为基础,致力于扩大 Endeavor 在中国的影响力及业务合作,推动公司在娱乐及体育领域的全方位发展。




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